Morningstar Holistic Center – a social enterprise promoting well-being

The Morningstar Holistic Center was first conceived during the NESST competition in 2012 and further developed during a course on management of social enterprises held by FDSC.  At that point the building was a kindergarten, and originally, the plan was to extend the kindergarten’s services to other correlated services, such as parent/ child classes, parenting courses, prenatal classes and infant massage. However, after deeper analysis, AMURTEL took the decision to close the kindergarten and convert the space entirely to developing a social enterprise that would promote the organization’s values of healthy, balanced, ecologically conscious lifestyle and holistic personal development.

We also plan to use the center to train young students with visual disabilities from the Regina Elisabeta school, in Ayurvedic massage, Thai massage and other alternative forms of massage therapy to enhance their employability and broaden their career opportunities.

The center’s financial goals are to become financially self-sustainable within the first two years and to generate profits to sustain the social projects and overhead costs of the organization.